Week 3 Challenge Activity 6

Here is my story using only pictures.

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Basically, this story is about a child with their parents at a fun fair who is very close to them. Suddenly, the child looks back and the child cannot find the parents. Then the child starts to feel afraid, falls asleep, and wakes up in a dark scary room.


As you can see, I like to leave my stories on a cliff hanger! 🙂

Blog URL

Hi everyone!


I just wanted to let you know, that if you visit my blog from a different state or country, please leave your blog URL and your country.

If you leave your blog URL I can visit your blog too!




Olivia : )

Photos for Class


Hi everyone! This is my post for photos for class. Above is a photo that I have downloaded from photos for class.

By using photos for class, I have learnt about the importance of copy right. I have also learnt that you must reference where the photo or picture you are using has come from. I now understand that you can’t just use any photo from the internet without referencing it. This is why I like photos for class. I think it is a really clever website because it worries about the referencing for you.

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My Avatar


Hey everyone this is my avatar! I chose it because it looks a lot like me. I have sort of long dark brown hair, and very dark brown eyes. I am also a bit pale in Winter. I like the colours beige and blue. I also like hoodies.


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My Widget

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 6.31.34 PM

Hi everyone! This post is for the widget activity. The picture I have inserted is a new widget I have put onto my blog. I chose a calendar because I nearly always loose track of the date. This calendar also tells me which day of the week is on which date.

I find this very helpful!

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My A – Z

Here is my A – Z all about me


Am 12 years old.

Enjoy Basketball.

Cool calm and collected.

Have a Dad mum and brother.

Eager to learn English.

Have a dog called Fudge.

I am Generous and gentle.

Always Happy.

Love Ice-skating.

Enjoy when people make funny Jokes.

Keen to learn new knowledge.

Like playing sports.

Love Maths.

Enjoy my Neighbours Company.

Olivia is my first name.

Like hanging out at the Parklands with friends.

Take pleasure in asking Questions.

Interested how Rain works.

Spring is my favourite season.

Like Team Sports

Think school Uniforms are good.

Value others’ opinions.

Like playing in the Water.

Play the piano, which is like the Xylophone.

Have a habit of Yawning, a lot!

Enjoy looking at the Monkeys at the Zoo