Week 6 – Game 2

Hi everyone,

For game two, I went on to the Flipboard Magazine, and read some amazing posts. I visited three blogs:

  • Carson’s Blog
  • Lucie’s Blog
  • Ethan’s Blog

All of these blogs had lots of effort and were really enjoyable to read.

On Carson’s Blog, there was a post called ‘scootering’. It talked about how much he loves scootering, and how his friend also loves to scooter. He named quite a few amazing riders and some great brands of scooters. I was drawn to this post as the title was quite mysterious and I am also interested in scootering. I think this post was very informative and great to read.


Here is the link to the post. Scroll down to see my comment.


The next blog I visited was Lucie’s Blog. I read her post called ‘A Bird In The Wind’. This was a story about a girl with an illness who is always dreaming of flying up high above all of her problems. I think this post was a really interesting story which instantly drew me in. The title was also quite mysterious which is why I read it. I highly recommend reading this wonderful story.


Here is the link to the post. Scroll down to see my comment.



The final post I read was on Ethan’s Blog called ‘The United States of America’. This post included five interesting facts about the USA. These facts were very interesting and informative. I really enjoyed reading this as it taught me things I never knew about America.

Here is the link to the post. Scroll down to see my comment.

The United States of America


I really enjoyed reading all of these blogs as they all covered different topics and were really unique. As I have said many times before, I strongly recommend visiting all three of them.

Olivia 🙂




4 thoughts on “Week 6 – Game 2

    • Hi Ethan,

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

      Sorry to sound annoying, but what do you mean by is there anything I can tell you?

      Olivia 🙂

        • Well, most people think Australia is all about having a barbecue, playing some backyard cricket and things like that. Australia is actually very different.

          Sure we do have barbecues but that’s not all that we’re about.

          Our accent is also nothing like anyone thinks!

          Olivia 🙂

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