Week 4 Challenge Activity Preparing for emergencies. (Mrs Smith)

Hi everyone here is a post on Mrs Smith’s activity on being prepared for an emergency.


  1. Readers, what natural disasters or emergencies are factors where you live? How have you prepared? If you have faced a large-scale emergency, how did you deal with it?

I live in Australia where there are almost no natural disasters. One of our common disasters though is bushfires.  To prepare for a bushfire, I  would learn how to be safe, learn an escape route from where I am and make sure I have a bag that I would take if I had to leave. I have not faced a large-scale emergency as I do not live somewhere where there are many disasters.


2. Write a list post of items that a student can put in an emergency bedside kit. If you had to leave in a hurry, what could have ready to grab-and-go? 

In my kit, I would put:

  • A phone or a device which I could communicate with
  • Some spare clothes
  • Food and water
  • Any other essentials

3. Write a post describing a natural or human-caused emergency that has happened in your community. What were the consequences? How did you, your family, or emergency responders deal with it? 

In my community, there aren’t any emergencies. One of my friends lives in the Adelaide Hills and she had to evacuate her home because of a bushfire. Fortunately, it didn’t hit her house. It has taken a very long time to rebuild some things and a lot of the wildlife has been damaged. All of SA pitched in to help rebuild the wildlife and  the homes.

Here is a link to Mrs. Smith’s blog. I really suggest looking at this blog. It taught me a lot about emergencies and being prepared.  I think the survey was a great idea and I learnt heaps!http://huzzah.edublogs.org/2016/10/29/emergency/


Thanks 🙂




7 thoughts on “Week 4 Challenge Activity Preparing for emergencies. (Mrs Smith)

  1. G’day Olivia,
    Great post but I couldn’t flip it to the magazine. Here in Tasmania where I live, we also have bushfires as our natural disaster and sometimes flooding. As I live near a beach, that is where I would evacuate to in case of fires.

    • Dear Mrs W,

      Thank you very much!

      I really wished I lived near a beach!

      I was just wondering, why couldn’t you flip it to the magazine?



  2. Hi Olivia! My name is Sonya. I liked your blog on “Week 4 Challenge Activity Preparing for emergencies. (Mrs Smith)”. I strongly agree that safety is very important subject to discuss. Safety like having a prepared emergency kit by your side ready to go as you mentioned on your blog. A kit could help you in the long run as in this kit could come in handy in times of need, you never know when a natural disaster will occur. I remember in 4th grade my school’s light bulb broke, while lunch was going on in the cafeteria. The light bulb immediately caught fire, and everyone was evacuated from the building. In the cafeteria thankfully, didn’t spread anywhere else in the building. Later on, we had resumed our classes after the incident. Please check out my blog @2021SY.edublogs.org and don’t forget to comment on my blog!

    • Hi Sonya,

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

      That must of been really scary if you all had to evacuate. We normally just have drills.

      Olivia 🙂

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