Week 4 Challenge Playing Outside (Mrs. Yollis)

Hi everyone!


Here is a little bit about how we play outside!


I live in Australia where it is Spring right now. This affects our play as we want to get outside more often because it is very warm. This makes us more active.


At our school we play lots of games including handball soccer and best of all -demons. Demons is a game where there is one person it who can only walk. Everyone else can run. The demon has to catch everyone by cornering them instead of chasing them. If the demon catches someone, they are it with the demon and also can’t walk. Once everyone is it the game is over. The last person to get caught is the winner.


I really enjoyed reading Mrs. Yollis’s post as it gave me lots of ideas for new games. I also thought it was a really creative topic.


Bye 🙂